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How To Get To Syros

Ferries to Syros

Throughout the year there are ferries daily to and from the Port of Piraeus. The number of daily ferries increases for the summer months providing an excellent service for the tourist.

The early morning ferries leave Piraeus at various slots from 07:00 and usually take between 2½ and 4 hours depending on which type of vessel you choose to sail on.

Flights to Syros

If you are arriving at Athens International Airport (El Venizelos) and plan to travel to Piraeus for a ferry to Syros you can do so either by bus or taxi.

The bus can take between 1 and 1½ hours depending on the time of day and is inexpensive. You will find the bus stop outside the terminal building to your right. It will stop at the Port of Piraeus usually fairly close from the Syros ferry departure point.

If think you may be short on time it is possible to buy ferry tickets (and often easier) at the airport. Please note ferry tickets for same or next day departure will have to be paid for with cash. The airport has ATM machines.

Traveling by taxi is dearer but quicker. You may also use the train service to travel to Piraeus.

Syros has an airport but the flights are only on certain days of the week and are operated by Sky Express. The flight time is usually under 30 minutes.

Arriving on Syros

If you are arriving by ferry you will usually find taxis waiting upon your arrival.

It is possible to pre-order a taxi by telephone before you arrive on Syros.